Introduction 10/25/2019

Hello, here is a quick overview of my projects.

Recently, I have been animating and tinkering around with Blender, along with Scratch. I have found some pretty useful stuff. I didn't think I would enjoy animation this much, but it is very fun to expand the mind and unleash your creativity into anything you want.

I also have enjoyed making mini-games with programs like Scratch, Game-Maker, and Unity. I have wanted to work on a fairly large project, like a full game. So, that is what I will be focusing on. I really need to think more about what the game is actually going to be about gameplay and storywise.

I want to use C++ for this game, which shouldn't be too hard. If I cannot use that language, then probably Java. I know what you might be thinking, Java is hard for a game and doesn't always work that well, you are correct but I just really would like to try it and see what I can produce. This game might take quite a while, I will have multiple posts on here and video updates on my Youtube channel, Laywyth, along with animations. That is all for now, see you later!

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